About We. by Loewe.

We. by Loewe stands for innovative, functional and intuitive products. The design clarity, practicality and utmost​ precision down to the smallest detail are characteristics of our identity of our sub brand. Our core essence “significant simplicity” describes the bond with our design tradition and at the same time our orientation for the future. Our products strives​ for a unified appearance across the entire portfolio. We. by Loewe - Designed and engineered in Germany! Made for you and all you facets!

Brand History

Loewe has been synonymous with luxurious home entertainment Made in Germany for almost a century. With We. by Loewe the company is opening a new chapter: The Franconian´s presented in 2021 a new brand that is specially oriented to the needs of a younger target group. Uncompromising quality, sustainability and an exceptionally captivating design are the principles on which We. by Loewe is based. We. by Loewe is a trendy and young subbrand of Loewe. Want to know more about Loewe?

We. SEE - Smart TVs

Ultra HD LED streaming TVs

As smart as you. Just for you. Made for your personal feel-good program. Playing what moves you. The technology: highly sophisticated. The handling: pleasantly intuitive. The design: a fresh perspective on what makes you tick.

We. by Loewe – we time is me time!

Audio Products

We. stands for curious design and outstanding quality! Perfect for endurance listeners and audiophiles. For expressive extroverted individuals, who want to have their share of music every day, in every situation, with extra power and long lasting playback time. Discover WE. now!